Symphony V52 Dump File Download

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Download 100% working Symphony V52 Dump File to repair your device. NOT FREE

Did you tried to flash your Symphony V52 Dump android device with a random firmware and bricked your device in a way that Your device is not connecting with computer via USB anymore? and we know, Normal Flashing through computer requires your android to be connected with the computer to run the flash process successfully. If this ever happen, what should you do to fix your android device? You don’t need to worry. You have come to the right place. The process is very simple though you will need DRUM File and a Premium Box like UFI Box or EASYJTAG Plus. Please continue reading this post, as i am going to describe this problem more with its solution.

What is DRUM File?

Drum file is a partition system file for EMMC IC of android device. In simple words, Drum file is the Operating system of your android device similar to Firmware or Flash File.

What is the Difference between Firmware and Drum File?
They don’t have any big difference, as they both are operating system of your device that runs your Device. The difference is only the flashing process. Most of the cases, Firmware’s are free and can easily be flashed using only the USB cable. It doesn’t require any external device. In the other hand, Drum files are usually not free. Drum File must be written into your Device’s EMMC IC directly with a Premium Box like UFI Box or EASYJTAG Plus. It requires an expert to use this process.

The following Problems will be solved by the drum file:

  • Auto Fastboot Mode.
  • Auto EDL Mode
  • Auto Download mode
  • Logo Hang
  • Flashing errors
  • Hang during flashing process
  • recovery mode not works
  • Fully dead after flashing wrong firmware

Symphony V52 Dump File
How to Write DRUM file Easily via ISP Pinout way:

  • Disassemble your android device.
  • Uncover EMMC IC after separating Device’s motherboard carefully.
  • Make jump wares or isp connection by following EASYJTAG Plug/USFI box support.
  • Detect EMMC IC connections.
  • Check if the connections are OK.
  • If the connections are OK, then Start writing the Drum File.
  • Switch ON your Device. Everything should be working.

Download 100% Tested Symphony V52 Dump File :

  • Brand¬†Name: Symphony
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Android 5.1
  • Size: 807.66 MB
  • Download Link
  • Version: V52(V52_XXX_V3-5.1-LMY47D)[H9TP64A8JDMCPR-KGM_0B4B741B
  • Not Free File Call 01734481844¬† [10:00AM to 8:00PM]

[Note: Sometimes, only Writing Drum files can not solve the Problem. To solve this, You will need to flash the Specific Firmware of your device via USB cable. Then, The problem will be gone for good.]

[All Files like Firmware and Drum Files are tested by our Experts before uploading it for our visitors. They are clean from every bugs and maleware. If you ever get any problem using them, please let us know by commenting below. We are always here to help you guys. Thanks for visiting us again..]

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