Nokia 220 RM-969 Memory Card Problem Solution

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In Nokia 220 RM-969 device, one of the most common problem is with microSD card. They are such as unable to move apps to SD card, frequent popping up of notification, unable to delete anything from SD are common. By the way, it is not a very serious technical problem and can easily be fixed. The potential fixes for it are listed below. If you are here to find Nokia 220 RM-969 Memory Card Problem Solution then you are in the right place.

The symptoms that will be shown if your MMC is damaged:

SD Card is not found.
Access Denied (in SD Card).
SD Card is unable to save anything.
Sometimes, SD card disappeared. 

Hardware Tweaking for Nokia 220 RM-969 Memory Card Problem Solution:

1. Remove SD card, wipe it with a clean cloth and check it after inserting it.
2. Go into app settings > storage > and check SD Card’s Status.
3. Try inserting other SD Card into your device.
4. Test the SD Card with PC.
5. If nothing helps, then try formatting the SD Card. (Last Software Related Solution)

If you are still reading this then above solution couldn’t solve your problem. That means, the problem is with your Device SD Card’s slot. Try following below hardware solution.

Nokia 220 RM-969 Memory Card Problem Solution

1. First check the MMC slot for possible dirts and oxidation build up.
2. Check the MMC detection switch for any damage.
3. Find, check and test MMC Supply voltage.
4. If nothing helps then Proceed to the Final and last step by reworking into the pearl chip.

If you have further Questions please leave a comment below in the comment box. I am always here to help my visitors. Besides, Every solution you get here is Safe and tested with our Engineers. But If something bad happened during this procedure then we are not responsible.

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