The Ultimate Guide for flashing .(pac) using SpreadTrum

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Do you want to update your Android smartphone? I bet you do. This article is all about using SpreadTrum and download Specific Firmware for your device. Though it is a common article for websites, It is not easily described in there for newbies to understand. I have tried to make it as easy as it could be for the visitors. The process is very simple. Also a newbie can flash their phone if they follow those steps correctly.

How to download official firmware’s from the internet?

Firmware is known Flash File too. If you are using a branded Smartphone like Samsung, Sony, Google Pixel, HTC, LG, Xiaomi etc then you can download them easily from their specific website. But if you are using a non branded Chinese phone, then downloading a firmware is a little bit tricky. It dosen’t matter what branded phone you are using, you can download everything from internet. Just remember to match the Brand Name, Model number, Chipset number with the firmware that you are going to download. Please be caution about it. Cause if you try to flash other Device’s firmware into yours, then you will brick your phone.
After downloading specific firmware for your device, you must follow next steps.

Before Flashing any firmware, please follow the required instructions that are given below or you can brick your smartphone.

  • You have to consider some important factors before flashing. Cause They ensure proper installation.
  • Check that your device charge is at least 50%. If it is below 50%, do not start the Flashing process.
  • Check your device model, chipset with the downloaded firmware’s twice.
  • You must make a backup of your important files as well as contacts and messages, as there is a chance to loss them during flashing.

Tools needed for flashing any Spreadtrum based Firmwares using SPD Upgrade Tool:
There are three tools that you need to download and install before you are ready to be flash it.

#1 is USB Driver for your PC.

You need to download and install Spreadtrum Driver on your PC. Without it, when you connect your device with your PC during flashing, your pc could not be able to recognize it. Thus you can not complete your Flashing process.

Spreadtrum Driver Link.

#2 Spreadtrum or SPD Upgrade Tool.

You will need a software in order to flash named SPD Upgrade Tool. It Supports PAC Extinctions.

Download Link

#3 Firmware.
Firmware or Flash file is a OS that your device runs. Yes, It is like our PC’s Windows OS. It is a software and without it Your device is dead. Remember it, Your device is BODY but Firmware is LIFE. Flashing new firmware helps your device in many way, such as:

  • Sudden Shut-Down.
  • LCD Related Problem. (Blinking, Color Related)
  • Unwanted Monkey
  • Slow performance
  • CPU and RAM High Uses.
  • Phone Storage Full 
  • System file missing and Corruption 
  • “Unfortunately App has been stopped” Notification

Now that Every required things are done and you are ready to flash. Lets go to the next level.
Flashing is a easy but dangerous thing. If you do anything wrong, then your device must be bricked. So, Stay focus and follow my final instructions.

Step 1
At first, Install the downloaded Spreadtrum Driver. (If you do not know how to install it, let me know and i will give a proper instructions). Then Shut-Down your phone and remove your Device’s Battery if it is possible. If not then just Shut it down. After this, extract the downloaded firmware and “SPD Upgrade Tool” archive using popular winrar or 7zip software for windows.)

Step 2
After extracting “SPD Upgrade Tool” Archive. Enter into its folder and run “ResearchDownload.exe.” as an Administrator.

Step 3
Now “SPD Upgrade Tool” will be started. Then, Connect your Android Device via USB Cable after switching off your phone.

Step 4
After building a successful connection with your computer, you must click on “LOAD PAC” (That is located on the upper left side of spreadtrum.) Then Select the (.pac) file as well as the flash file that you downloaded for your Spreadtrum Chipset based Device.

Step 5
After loading the (.pac) file successfully into your spreadtrum, click on the “start downloading” button to begin the flash process.

Step 6
Do not be worried, if your device reboot automatically during the flashing process. After the completion of the flashing process, a green TIC will appear on the screen. Now you have to disconnect the device from the computer and turn it on.

Final Words about using SpreadTrum :

In this article, I’ve tried to explain everything regarding flashing firmware into SpreadTrum Based Smartphone
using “SPD Upgrade Tool”. But if you still have any confusion about anything then let us know by commenting 
below. I will be glad to help.

Please note that: This process is 100% safe. But if you do anything wrong and got bricked your device then any of us are not responsible for your action. We can only give you suggestion, nothing more.

Hope it helps somebody.

Good Luck and Happy Flashing.

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